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Dr. Osterholm: We Knew in 2020 that Cloth Masks Don’t Work and the CDC Is Still Slow to Come to that Point

‘The science was there’
By Grabien Staff


OSTERHOLM: “The science was there. We published work back as early as April of 2020 saying that, in fact, this virus is transmitted by an aerosol, that kind of perfume-like floating in the room, and that we needed to have a very high level of respiratory protection. The world was slow to come to that. And today the CDC has still been slow to come to that point. So we all agree now, I think, those who have expertise in this area, you need these very tight face-fitting masks that also are breathable. What I mean by that is it's fit and it’s filtration, and the way you get fit is like a swim goggle, you can't have it leak. But if it’s going to be that tight, then you have to have a material that allows the air to move through. Cloth doesn’t do that. What we now have is these N95 respirators are actually a material that are very porous, but they have an electrostatic charge in them, so as the virus comes across with the air you're breathing in, it traps it. That’s what everyone should be using right now if they want to maximize their protection.”

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