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Dr. Oz Brutally Dissects John Fetterman’s Radical Record of Releasing Convicted Murderers from Prison

‘He was the only member of the parole board who felt he [the convicted person] should be released’
By Grabien Staff


OZ: "Now my opponent in this race has taken a very firm stance on these issues, and he's done it for many years. There's a reason he's called the most pro murderer candidate running for office. He seems to care more about the criminals than the innocent, as Maureen Faulkner was alluding to. He has explicitly stated that we can get 1/3 of prisoners out of jail and it wouldn't make a difference. He wants to get as many out as he can, I'm quoting him. He's argued dozens of times at the parole boards to release criminals. Oftentimes these are convicted murderers, serving lifetime sentences, which he believes also we shouldn't have.”


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