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Ed Henry Becomes Emotional on Air as He Describes How He’s Donating Part of His Liver to His Sister

‘I’m going to donate part of my liver on Tuesday’
By Grabien Staff

HENRY: "I don’t know that song. It might be helpful. I’m going to donate part of my liver on Tuesday."
BILA: "Wow." 
HEGSETH: "Ed — so for our viewers, you’ve had a heavy heart for a while, rightfully so, your sister Colleen has a liver disorder, and you as her brother have decided to step up and donate a portion."
HENRY: "Yeah. It’s been a long journey and it’s good to talk about it. I hope it helps people ‘cause there’s a lot of people in need, organ donations."
BILA: "A lot of people going through what you’re going through right now and you sharing this story makes a huge difference. Huge kudos." 
HENRY: "Thanks. And — she was really happy there. That’s all I want to do is make her — give her a little life ."

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