Royce: We’re Urging Trump To Shut Down Foreign Banks Working with N. Korea
‘there’s additional pressure now that we have put on China’


ROYCE: I mean, this would be the sixth test that they would do. And, of course, there’s additional pressure now that we have put on China. I passed legislation last year through the House that was signed into law, which is a North Korean sanctions act, which now was actually taken up by the Security Council as well.

And that puts additional pressure on neighboring countries such as China not to transfer to North Korea. We have found that, unfortunately, China has continued to transfer some of the parts that North Korea has gotten their hands on now and continue to transfer the type of fuel that keeps the economy going. 

What we’re — what we’re urging this president to do at this point is what was done once before with Banco Delta Asia. 

And that is shut down any foreign banks doing any kind of business in hard currency with North Korea because when we last did that, we shut off the money for their program, and we shut it down tight as a drum. And I think that’s the next step that has to be deployed.