Eight Times Maxine Waters Called for Trump's Impeachment Since Jan.
'Pelosi said was she was not ready yet to talk about — talk about impeachment; I’m ready to talk about it'

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), who has made a name for herself with constant calls to impeach President Trump, today claimed she's never called for Trump's impeachment.

Here are eight times she did exactly that: 

Jan. 16, 2017: Before Trump was even elected, Rep. Waters called for Trump's impeachment, suggesting there was "collusion" between his campaign and Russia:


Feb. 6, 2017: During a House Democratic leaders press conference, Waters said "eventually" we have to impeach Trump.


Feb. 6, 2017: Later that day, Waters doubled down on her impeachment claims.


Feb. 7th, 2017: The next day, she said again she's "ready to talk" about impeaching Trump. 


March 18, 2017: On MSNBC, Waters confidently predicted evidence would emerge that "will meet the standards" for impeachment.


March 23, 2017: Waters again called for Trump to be impeached. 


April 2nd, 2017: Waters again floated the theory that Trump "colluded" with Russia during his campaign and that "it's impeachable."


April 15, 2017: Just three days before claiming she's never asked for Trump to be impeached, Waters led a chant to impeach Trump at the Tax Day protest in Washington, D.C.