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Elder: Why Is the Media Not Covering Rose McGowan’s Story About Newsom’s Wife Negotiating for Harvey Weinstein?

‘Where are you?’
By Grabien Staff


ELDER: "Someone made a false allegation against me, I deny it. You’ve heard the allegation that Rose just made about Gavin Newsom's wife. She made the allegation, what, three days ago? Where is 'The Washington Post'? They wrote the article about me. Where’s 'The New York Times'? Wrote the article about me. 'Where's CNN? Where's 'Politico'? Where are you? If this had been made about me, my girlfriend standing over there, if someone had said my significant other contacted on behalf of Attorney Boies, whose Harvey Weinstein’s lawyer, and called Rose McGowan and said, 'What can we do to make you go away? What can we do to make this happy?,' that’s all you guys would be talking about between now and the end of my campaign. This is a double standard to which I’ve been subjected to my entire time and I’m sick of it. And you ought to be sick of it. Where is your integrity. Where’s your fairness? Now, what Rose said about Gavin Newsom's wife is a bombshell. This is a man who the other day, because he was trying to do a counterpoint of me, said, 'Women are smarter than men. Women are more — they're better politicians, they’re more — they’re better, they’re better, they’re better.' Where is he? Where are you? His wife contacts Rose and says, 'What can we do to make you happy? What can we do to make this story go away?' right before the Harvey Weinstein story blew up. That's all you guys would be talking about if the allegation was made about me or my significant other."

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