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Elie Mystal Slams DeSantis: If I Told Kids I’d Take Them to Disneyland But Instead Took Them to Busch Gardens, That’s Kidnapping

‘We have reports that they were lied to’
By Grabien Staff


MYSTAL: “However, in this specific case, I think especially when you look at the immigrants sent to Martha’s Vineyard. We have reports that they were lied to, that they were tricked, that they were induced with false promises to get on planes, and then shipped someplace where they weren't told where they were going. That, to me, is a violation of the federal kidnapping statutes, the legal term of art is 'inveigling.' As I think most people can kind of — their horse sense can kind of understand. If I roll down and find a bunch of teenagers and I say, 'Look kids, hop in my van, I’ll take you to Disney World,' and I think them to Bush Gardens, you know, I take them to old Williamsburg, that’s kidnapping. I didn’t take the kids where I said I was gonna take the kids, right? So, I think that in this case, Ron DeSantis told these people, including children, that they would be taken to one place, Boston, which would have services where they would get expedited work visas, where there would be housing, and then sent him to a different place. That is kidnapping, and the person that we need to understand that is unfortunately at this point not Ron DeSantis, not Greg Abbott. We need Merrick Garland once again to understand that and bring the full weight and power of the federal government down on these people."

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