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Elisabeth Bumiller: Hamas Launched Oct. 7 Attack as Kind of a Last Resort Because They Felt Completely Abandoned

‘The only viable solution out of this mess is a two-state solution’
By Grabien Staff


BUMILLER: "That is the one thing that's going to come out of this, people hope, that basically this is the only viable solution out of this mess, is a two-state solution. You know, we were — this has been discussed over the past month, that this is the one thing that will come out of this disaster, is that this is the only way forward. Increasingly, people will see that in the Middle East. Interestingly, The Times had a really interesting interview with Hamas leaders a week or so ago. They basically were feeling so isolated in the region that they launched this attack as kind of a last resort because they felt completely abandoned by everybody else and realized that this was the last thing they could do."

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