Emergency Mgmt. Details Timeline: ‘Wrong Button Was Pushed on this Test: It Went into an Actual Event Versus a Test’


MIYAGI: "There’s a time line in there. I would like to spend a few minutes going over that time line. At 0805 this morning, our state warning, which is my 24/7 operation group did a change of shift preparation and at the end — the new incoming shift will do a check or test of ballistic missile preparation checklist. 0805 this test started.

"At 0807 is when the trigger is pulled on the test. The wrong button was pushed on this test. It went into an actual event versus a test. At 8:10 A.M., we of course got messages on the system, the telephones and so on and calls that this had gone out and at that point in time, we started the recall or the cancellation process.

"At 8:13 A.M., a cancellation was issued, a warning message, and what it does is prevent any more messages going out. It doesn’t issue a separate message cancelling it. It just stops the messages from going out.

"At 8:20 A.M., Hawaii emergency management agency issued a public notification of cancellation.

"At 8:24 A.M. The governor retweets our message for cancellation notice.

"At 8:30 A.M., the governor posts the cancellation notification on the Facebook page and at 8:45 A.M., after getting authorization, from FEMA’s integrated public alert and warning system, an emergency message was issued that alerted people that a missile was not incoming and this was a false alarm. That’s where we were at the end of today. As far as ahead, I have to emphasize that this is what has been happening on the last few months that our focus has been getting the message to the public. What we need to work on more is the cancellation notice in this event.

"Our focus now of course is not to have any more false alarms going out. And by doing this, we’re working on procedures that have already been implemented. First of all, the governor has directed that we hold off any more tests until we get this squared away. What has already been put in place is two-person rule that doing a drill, there will always be two people there before the button is pushed, for both drills and for the actual — the other point is the cancellation message.

"We will have a cancellation template that’s already been inserted, where the cancellation message is already prescripted to go out and say this is a false alarm. I have to emphasize that at 8:10 A.M., right after this went out, general Logan called to confirm that there was no missile inbound and that was our priority for us to make sure that word got out. The other thing that we need to do is expanding the protocols so the governors, the mayors, the counties, all understand that this is a false alarm. We need to make more contacts to notify that this was a false alarm. The other point is contact with the press and the media, to make sure this goes out right away also. Again, I apologize for this. This is my responsibility, my team. But please keep in mind that again, the threat is there. If this comes out, you have about 12 to 13 minutes of warning for an actual event and please take this to heart. Again, I apologize for what’s happened."