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Emmys Get Political Within Seconds, ‘Imagine if Your President Wasn’t Loved By Nazis’

‘Sea levels are rising, our leaders are fighting’
By Grabien Staff

Mere seconds into the 2017 Emmy Awards -- already predicted to become one of the most politically charged ever -- the show turned political, with host Stephen Colbert singing an opening song themed on how horrible the world is.

"Imagine if your President wasn’t loved by Nazis" actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus sang. 

Here's a rush excerpt:

COLBERT: "Allison Janney from ABC’s ‘Blackish.’"

JANNEY: "Actually I’m —"

ANDERSON: "Just roll with it."

COLBERT: "Great to see you, Allison, how have you been?"

JANNEY: "Not great. Honestly, things are kind of crazy out there right now, you know. Sea levels are rising, our leaders are fighting, I heard HBO is bringing back the Confederacy."

ANDERSON: "What? Oh, hell no! You know what? I’m cancelling my subscription — as  soon as ‘Game of Thrones’ is done."


COLBERT: "Look, guys, I know the world outside is getting crazy, but look on the bright side. Television has never been better."

JANNEY: "Good point, Stephen. But I bet you can’t sing it."

COLBERT: "Oh, really?"

JANNEY: "Uh-huh."

COLBERT [singing]: "Dear friends, the next time the world’s problems make you feel blue, turn on any channel — well, except the news. Because troubles aren’t so troubling when you see them in HD. The world is a little better on TV. So don’t you worry about global warming or the Middle East. Walk on the bright side with the recently deceased. My HBO Go password is SEXBOT123. Everything is better on TV. When the world is so scary, you close your door and hide. Open up, let Archer slip inside. Watch 'This Is Us,' you'll learn it feels so good to feel so sad with Randall, Kevin, Kaychi — probably killed her dad. 'Stranger Things' is much less stranger than our reality. Everything is better on TV. I like to vote for Selina Meyers."

LOUIS-DREYFUS: "Imagine if your president wasn’t beloved by Nazis."

COLBERT: "’The Americans’ has hotter spies than the Russia inquiry. Even treason’s better on TV. You don’t have to take it from my song and dance. It’s time to give this thing a chance."


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