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Energy Secretary on Infrastructure Plan: It’s the Biggest Investment in America Since FDR

‘We’re going to invest in America instead of watching all of these other countries beat us to the punch’
By Grabien Staff


Corporate taxes. Joining us to discuss, mad dam secretary Jennifer Granholm. Happy Easter to you. This bill that includes a lot, that is not tra terribly considered infrastructure. There is $400 billion for in-home care for elderly Americans and Americans with disabilities. Another $213 billion for affordable housing. It spends more on electric vehicles than on roads and bridges. Now, you know that Republicans are going to have concerns about all of this. If President Biden wants to make this bipartisan, why not focus this bill on what everyone can support? Roads, bridges, airports, rural broadband?

GRANHOLM: “Well, it is focused on all of those things. I mean, Republicans and Democrats historically have wanted to see infrastructure spending on broadband, which this bill clubs, wanted to see infrastructure spending on water and removing lead from water systems, which this bill includes. But this is the Americans jobs ac. It’s focused on creating good sustaining jobs and a whole array of sectors that will help us win the future. It’s the biggest investment in America since FDR, since the New Deal. It’s and especially, I look at this from being a former governor of a manufacturing state, Jake, the investments in the supply chain for manufacturing, you know that for decades now, we have watched our manufacturing jobs leave. We’re at a 70-year low. This bill says we’re going to make stuff in America. We’re going to make the means to our own energy security. I mean, it is an amazing statement that finally we’re going to invest in America instead of watching all of these other countries beat us to the punch.”

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