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Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm: The Infrastructure Bill ‘Has To Be Done Soon’

‘It’s just a bit perplexing why the Republicans haven’t moved further on critical pieces’
By Grabien Staff


GRANHOLM: "You know, Jake, this has got to be done soon. And without putting a specific date on it, you noted they talked on Friday. They're going to talk on Monday. The thing is, it's just a bit perplexing why the Republicans haven't moved further on critical pieces. And I will just say this. In my world, in the energy space, Republicans have pushed for pieces of the energy infrastructure that the President had put into the American Jobs Plan that are not in their counteroffer. For example, they have been talking about investing in the transmission grid. That's infrastructure, both making it more resilient and making it cyber-proof, expanding capacity. That's not in their counteroffer. They have been talking about expanding and supporting nuclear. That was in the President's plan. It's not in their plan. They have been talking about — I just came from West Virginia, touring West Virginia with Joe Manchin. There are so — there's so much despair there in terms of loss of fossil fuel jobs. So, the President put in his plan the ability for workers, like coal miners, to be able to be put to work in reclaiming abandoned coal mines and oil and gas wells. The Republicans have talked about that. They have voted for it. That's not in their bill.”

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