Eric Schiffer: ‘Never Been a Better Time in History To Be an Entrepreneur Because of the Tax Cuts’
‘It is an amazing time’


MacDONALD: "The Democrats go into the midterms Eric going after trump, the man and the tweets and things he says, Republicans are going to say that it's the trump agenda that's working look at the numbers besides the stock market up 7.6 trillion since the election. Jobless benefits dropping to levels not seen in 44 years, African American jobless rates at the lowest level since 1972 and for high school workers, the unemployment rate for Americans without a high school diploma rather is down to levels not seen since 2000 what are your thoughts here?"
SCHIFFER: "It is an amazing time, Liz. I mean this reminds me of the 80 S and parts of the 90s it's a phenomenal time, I'm an entrepreneur and we're looking at the tax tables, my cfo came to me and he said you know Eric almost everyone that we have working hundreds of people are going to get more money back, so this is I don't know what they're talking about in D.C. With Pelosi. She certainly can't count because the reality is theres money that will be going to most people in the middle class and that's going to be just another bit of fuel for this economy and I think it's going to lead to 4% the tax cuts have really opened up the throttle on this engine that is continuing to power businesses and it's very exciting. As an entrepreneur there's never been a better time I think in history to be an entrepreneur, to own a business, and actually, to have a career because of the wind that's at your back it's going to get better it's going to get better from here a lot better."