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Eric Swalwell: I Find Whitaker To Be Disrespectful Toward the Process

‘— Which is kind of a theme we’ve seen with this administration’


SWALWELL: "No, Craig. Actually I find him to be disrespectful toward the process, which is kind of a theme we’ve seen with this administration, which is a lack of respect for oversight. And then enablers on the Republican side who don’t believe that that is our role. But I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt. There’s only been two members who have questioned him. And I hope that he knows that our responsibility is to make sure that the rule of law is intact in this country. It’s had a wrecking ball taken to it. And principally around the Mueller investigation, we just want to be assured that it has the freedom of movement. We don’t need to know which indictments are next, who’s been interviewed, we just want to know does it have the freedom of movement to follow the evidence or is he constricting it."

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