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Fauci on Vaccine Mandates: ‘Let’s Call Them Requirements, Mandate Has a Special Tinge to It’

‘Requirements work’
By Grabien Staff


FAUCI: “Well, we do know that mandates -- let’s call them requirements, mandate has a special tinge to it -- that requirements work. If you look at United Airlines, about 99 percent of their employees are vaccinated. Tyson Food, Houston Methodist Medical System, they do work. We also know from good studies that masks work. They’re not 100 percent but they do work in preventing infection. So we’re in the middle of an unprecedented pandemic that has taken the lives of over 770,000 Americans. Anything that gets in the way of containing that, I think we’d better think twice before we start pushing it. We would love to have a situation where you don’t have requirements.”

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