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Flashback: In 2005 Biden Refers to Unmasking Requests as ‘Spying’

‘It has been alleged, as I said, that Mr. Bolton has been spying on rivals’
By Grabien Staff


BIDEN: “Second we have requested access to ten National Security Agency intercepts now they are things that means conversations picked up between a foreigner and an American where they may have relevance to an intelligence inquiry and where it is always listed when it’s an American the name of the foreigner but it says speaking to an American or an American representing an American entity mr. Bolten acknowledged under oath that he had sought which is not unusual in the sense that it’s never happened but it is noteworthy he sought the identities of the Americans listed in ten different intercepts when I asked him why he did that he said intellectual curiosity and for context well it is not a surprise to say and I’m not revealing anything that’s complex well I’ve not seen those intercepts that there have been assertions made by some privately to members of the Senate and the staff members of the Senate that mr. Bolton was seeking the names of these individuals for purposes of his intramural fights that were going on within the administration about the direction of American foreign policy.”

(via YouTube)

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