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Flashback: Adam Schiff Says Calling Hunter Biden as Impeachment Witness ‘Irrelevant, Immaterial’

‘They want to use this trial to smear the Bidens’


SCHIFF: “This isn't like some fantasy football trade, as I said yesterday. This isn't we'll offer you this if you'll give us that, we'll offer you a witness that is irrelevant and immaterial, who has no relevant testimony but a witness that will allows us to smear a presidential candidate if you want to get a legitimate witness. That's not a trade. Trials aren't trades for witnesses. We offered last night to have the chief justice of the Supreme Court rule on a question of materiality for any of the witnesses. And you know something, not surprisingly, the President's team was vehemently opposed, not because the President's team doesn't trust the chief justice to make an impartial decision but because they do trust the chief justice to make an impartial decision about materiality.”

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