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Flashback: Donald Trump Calls New York’s Attorney General a Cokehead

‘Now they’re saying he took coke; as far as I’m concerned, he probably still does’
By Grabien Staff

From a October 20, 2014 appearance on Fox and Friends: 

DOOCY: "There is something in the New York Post this morning -- an exclusive from Fred Dicker, the state guy up in Albany. He’s got a story that the attorney general for the state of New York, who you know very well, he apparently was doing coke while he was a state senator and he has said he’s done drugs in the past, but never when he was an elected official." 
TRUMP: "Well, he may be doing them now. He’s sued a lot of companies and frankly driving business out of New York. He’s considered one of the worst attorney generals, really the worst attorney general in the country. He sued me and I could have sued — they wanted to settle so bad, I could have settled so easily and instead, I’m winning the case easily. His case has now been totally gutted. One thing I see, they sue the banks and the banks immediately settle. Instead of fighting it out. I even tell bankers, I know them all, why don’t you fight these things? They always settle. but Schneiderman is a total lightweight a real dope. Now they’re saying he took coke. As far as I’m concerned, he probably still does. He’s done a very poor job. He’s done a terrible job in New York, really terrible."
KILMEADE: "Did you beat him? i know he came after you?"
TRUMP: "I beat him badly. most his case is gutted. They wanted to settle so badly and let’s settle the case. He just wanted to get some publicity on Trump."

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