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Florida 1st Grade Teacher Has Breakdown over the Thought of Not Being Able To Talk About Her Marriage

‘Do I lie and not talk about my marriage?’
By Grabien Staff


UNKNOWN: "As an elementary school teacher in Florida, this new bill has really been weighing on me a lot. I teach first grade, which means my classroom is one of the ones that will be directly affected. For those of you haven't bit in the classroom a while, one of the things that teachers always do with back-to-school night and meet-the-teacher and things like that is they like send all these cute little like 'meet-the-teacher' thing where it has like a little bio about us, some of our favorite stuff, just so that you know who we are. How do I do that next year? Do I lie and not talk about my marriage? Do I pretend I’m single? Do I invalidate my spouse’s stance as a trans fem person, or do I put my job on the line to introduce myself? What am I supposed to do? I don’t know."

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