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Fmr. CBS Reporter on Teenage Girl Complaining About a Naked Biological Male at a YMCA Locker Room: ‘She Says She’s a Woman, Period, That’s Where It Ends’

‘She transitioned over 5 years ago’
By Grabien Staff


ALIYU: “I feel like a big part of the story that's either been a misconception or people are just forgetting about is that Wood has fully transitioned into a woman and was in the woman's bathroom."
GRABISH: "Yeah, that's right, Wale. In fact, she says she is a woman and she really wants to drive home the fact that she transitioned over five years ago. And that, you know, she -- she is -- she is a woman and -- and she says she's a woman, period."
ALIYU: "Yeah."
GRABISH: "And that's where it ends."
ALIYU: "Absolutely.”


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