Fmr. Clinton Chief of Staff: Dems Must Do Something More than Just Oppose Trump
‘The American people, Hallie, deserve better’


JACKSON: "I want to hit on some poll numbers as it relates to Democrats now out from this; 37 percent of people polled by ABC News and the 'Washington Post' say that Democrats stand for something -- only 37 percent."
MCLARTY: "Right."
JACKSON: "More than half say the Democratic Party only -- its only message is standing against Donald Trump. You see him there."
MCLARTY: "Right."
JACKSON: "Is that a winning messaging for --"
MCLARTY: "Unlikely."
JACKSON: "-- for Democrats?" [crosstalk]
MCLARTY: "Unlikely. They’ve -- they've got to do more than just be against Trump; that -- that won’t do it and it shouldn’t do it. The American people, Hallie, deserve better."