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Fmr. NFL Player: Lori Lightfoot’s Ad Touting Crime Stats Coming Down Is ‘Manipulation,’ That’s ‘Witchcraft, Demonic’

‘I think that is the issue we face right now in cities like Chicago’
By Grabien Staff


BREWER: “It is manipulation and I think that is the issue we face right now in cities like Chicago and all over the country is many of our leaders have the audacity not to address these issues. You hear stories of poor people, store owners, folks trying to live their lives, sending their kids to school every day, I was, I’ve been in two prisons this week. I was actually in a Juvenile facility yesterday. To see the spike in Juvenile crime, in gun violence, it really is depressing. I must, I must admit, I was blown away by the number of violent crimes happening by kids at such a young age. In Chicago is the epicenter of this disaster. For Lori Lightfoot to get on TV and to run an ad like this that manipulates so many people, it is disheartening. It is sickening. Manipulation is witchcraft this is something that is demonic, spiritually, for you not to really have the love in your heart for the people who live in that great city. Enough is enough. Neil: but you know, these mayors and, prosecutors and all of them, almost all cases, they get reelected, again and again and again. Now of course this is a unique situation. Things have really gotten pretty bad, that might change, but I’m sadly betting it probably won’t. Why is that?”

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