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Fmr. NY Assemblyman Slams De Blasio for Blaming Trump Admin for Anti-Semitism: ‘He’s the Mayor of the City’

‘It’s like a child saying it’s not my fault, it’s a national issue’


HIKIND: “But there are no consequences at all, that is a fact of life. The fact is that young people have indulged in hate. We know that. And we need to understand why. Where is that hate coming from? How are we going to solve a problem if we don’t even talk about the problem itself? And that has not happened so far. Even now, the mayor is not talking about it. You know, I mean, the mayor, you know, blames the Trump administration instead of he’s the mayor of the city, he’s been the mayor for a long time, it’s like a child saying it’s not my fault, you know, it’s a national issue.”

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