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Fmr. President of Estonia: By Not Giving Ukraine Aid, ‘Countries Are Passively Participating in the Destruction of the Ukrainian Nation’

‘The idea is to end the war on Ukrainian terms as quickly as possible’
By Grabien Staff


ILVES: “The Russians can keep adding more and more weapons and troops to the board. The point is that if the Ukrainians get all of these weapons now, they can, in fact, and, one hopes, the war and when. Whereas the drip, drip, drip approach means the Russians keep adding, they get a little bit from the west, and the Russians at more. The idea is to end the war on Ukrainian terms as quickly as possible, and the more you drag it out, the more Ukrainians die in a war of aggression started by the Russians. They are the ones who invaded. They are the ones who are killing Ukrainians and killing Ukrainian civilians and doing war crimes on this innocent country. By not giving them aid, in a sense, countries are passively participating in the destruction of the Ukrainian nation.”

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