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FNC’s Watters Lists Five of Biden’s ‘Puppet Masters’ Pulling His Strings

‘Many believe [Susan] Rice is controlled by the Obamas and is working their agenda from within the Biden White House’
By Grabien Staff


WATTERS: "You're probably wondering who would he get in trouble with? He is the President. So who are the five people pulling all the strings? This according to POLITICO. Biden's brain trust is dominating the decision-making at the White House. They have to approve everything. Biden doesn't make a lot of the decision. Aides complain because every decision must go through his handlers, even the smallest hire. Decision-making is incredibly slow, Biden is governing in a bubble. Almost nobody is allowed to see Biden in the Oval except a very small select group of people. Number one, Ron Klain, White House Chief of Staff is at the top. He is obsessed with reducing any Biden family scandals, especially those involving Hunter. So he has a lot on his plate. He has been working with Biden for decades.”

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