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Former FBI Agents Tells MSNBC: Trump ‘Believes He Has Absolute Power’

‘He thinks he’s above the law’
By Grabien Staff


MATTHEWS: "It sounds to me politically that trump's less afraid of what they have on him now than he's afraid of what they will get. In other words, what they have on him now, Comey could drop the dime on him tomorrow morning. But what I think trump is afraid of is what they will get tomorrow and the next day and if this investigation goes on and on, it might get to pay dirt."
WATTS: "He thinks he's above the law. If you remember last summer, he talked about, I could shoot a person in the middle of the street, and nothing would happen to me."
MATTHEWS: "Is that what he just did?"
WATTS: "He thinks he can do whatever he wants and that there will be no actual pushback to him. He believes he has absolute power as the president. He doesn't exactly understand the government."

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