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Fox News Correspondent Delivers Emotional Report on Destruction in Bahamas: ‘There’s Bodies Everywhere’

‘This is not the kind of hurricane that just tears the roof off a house’


HARRIGAN: “Shepard, I’m standing in what used to be somebody's house here on Abaco Island. Just the foundation is left, and really, in what used to be somebody’s neighborhood. Because as far as I can see behind me off to the right, off to the left, there is nothing left here. It’s as if someone took a snow globe and just shook it over and over again. This is not the kind of hurricane that just tears the roof off a house. It’s the kind of hurricane that hit here with 185 mile-per-hour winds for two days. You mentioned the body count. That is going to change dramatically because when you stand here, you can smell bodies. I can see dead dogs from where I’m standing. And when I walked over that hill to a church there, you could actually see dead bodies protruding from the rocks, bloating and bloody in the sun after several days here. As far as the body collection, we’ve seen one storage truck which holds bodies, and we've seen police really walk through here with machetes, really guided by a sense of smell trying to find more bodies. This was a very poor area, a lot of Haitians living in this part of The Bahamas, in town on Abaco Island. So it’s — you get a sense that people didn’t know how many people were here. They don’t know how many people are gone. And no one really seems to be looking for them very hard.”

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