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Fox News’ Dana Perino Questions Joe Biden’s ‘Tone’ After Violent Mob of Trump Supporters Storms the Capitol

‘Biden is making a point, just not the point he thinks’
By Grabien Staff


BONGINO: “It was totally off base. The odd thing about this is Joe Biden made a point that was accurate but not accurate the way Joe Biden thought it was accurate. Black lives matter and antifa he specifically mentioned were treated differently. I just know from friends of mine and the Secret Service who were texting me when the White House was under siege for nearly a week during the black lives matter protests and they could do seemingly nothing to stop it and anything President Trump did to try to stop it was vilified as him being a monarch or a tyrant grade that’s why they couldn’t stop those, there was no public support for it because the media was interested in attacking President Trump at not securing the White House. That was not the case this week where thankfully, there was bipartisan support and media support on both sides of the aisle to stop the grotesque that happened on Capitol Hill and was shut down almost immediately had luckily didn’t happen again. So Biden is making a point, just not the point he thinks. Actually the opposite point of how they were treated differently.”

(Via Mediaite)

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