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Fox News: De Blasio To Give Released Criminals Free Mets Tickets

‘Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to release 900 people from jail before new bail reform rules take effect’
By Grabien Staff


SCHMITT: "It’s quite a story, guys. Good morning to you. Free Mets tickets, movie tickets, gift cards, offered to accused criminals if they show up for their court dates after being released to await trial on no bond. That is the latest move from New York mayor Democrat Bill de Blasio. This all started, of course, with New York’s new bail reform bill signed by Governor Cuomo which essentially ends the cash bail system for many misdemeanors, even many felonies. Now if you are arrested in New York there is a chance you'll simply be released and told when to come back for trial even for crimes like criminal negligent homicide and aggravated assault on a child, that according to the 'New York post.' Now this law goes into effect January 1st but that’s not soon enough for Cuomo who's eager to release 900 suspected criminals arrested this year who are in jail right now awaiting trial. De Blasio hoping to ease the public’s concerns by offering suspected criminals freebies to things like tickets to baseball games, to Mets games, to keep them on the straight and narrow while they are out on bail and entice them to show up for trial. Now proponents of Governor Cuomo’s bail reform plan say money should not be a factor and somebody getting out of jail, that the rich shouldn't be the only ones who can await a trial outside of jail. The other side argues that the threat of loss of bail money is a major factor in whether or not a suspected criminal shows up for trial. But the big story this morning is Mets tickets just for showing up for trial if you get arrested for doing something wrong."
KILMEADE: "Also he also goes to shows you that no one believes that Mets picked Carlos Beltrán, great manager and that he's not going to be able to give away those tickets."
SCHMITT: "And they're not giving them Yankees by the way either. It's only Mets tickets, which is -- which is the funniest part about it."

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