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Fox News: Fairfax County, Virginia School Board Makes Possible for Students To Be Suspended for ‘Malicious Misgendering’

‘Simply not having a good filter as a kid can get you in trouble in Fairfax public schools’
By Grabien Staff


JENKINS: “Too far, too much, too young, that does really sum up a little bit of the sentiment here. Now, just for our viewers, we’re going to show you the definition in the 70-plus page handbook for students. Misgendering is ‘the act of labeling others with a gender that does not match their gender identity.’ Meaning, if the student is going through a transition and you refer to them as their previous gender, then you’re in violation. Now, what the board did, Aishah, is they updated this handbook. The rule was actually there last year to not go as young as fourth grade and it had deliberately, inadvertently language that sort of gave an out should you have a child that simply didn’t have a filter or didn’t fully understand. Now, it’s a hard law and that’s got parents upset. It’s yet the latest thing that’s angering parents here in the public schools.”

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