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Fox News: Ga. Teacher Goes on Anti-Trump Rant - ‘America Has Never Been Great for Minorities’

‘Again, that was recorded on a sixth grader’s phone who turned it on when the teacher of this sixth grade class was giving this rant’
By Grabien Staff


BENTON: "Talking about it was great segregation in the 50’s. Maybe he is talking about the 70’s. Where we had the black panther movement because people were still not being treated equally. Maybe he is talking about in the 90’s when we had police officers beat and Rodney King in the street. Then in the 2,000s and we still having the same issues. So when my president says let’s make America great again, when was he talking about? He must be talking about when it was great for Europe means. America has never been great for minorities. And even now it makes me go, hmmm, when I’m trying to figure out when was it great?" 

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