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Fox News: Judge Slams Mueller for Overreach, Says ‘No One Has Unfettered Power’

‘Ellis basically unloaded on the attorney’
By Grabien Staff


MacCALLUM: "Breaking tonight a fascinating showdown between Robert Mueller’s lawyers in an exasperated judge in court today. Paul Manafort was in court trying to get that judged her throughout the hearing. Judge TS Ellis did not rule on this but essentially told team Mueller the scope of your investigation is trying to loop in some old evidence from this earlier case that was 90 when their work. Their investigative work. In the judge indicated that he is not inclined to allow them to do that. If this is when you really want to camera in the courtroom, but the picture will tell you what happened. Ellis basically unloaded on the attorney saying that 'To you do not really care about Mr. Manafort’s bank fraud, only being secured for trump’s prosecution or impeachment, that is what you are really interested in.' He also slammed to the special counsel’s overreach in this case in general. He told him, 'No one has unfettered power.' He ended with an NFL’s punctuation come on, man. All to the delight of President Trump who read some of the tongue lashing during his NRA convention speech today."

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