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Fox News: At Least 9 U.S. Citizens Killed By Mexican Drug Cartel, Including Children

‘A family member says they were driving to the wedding when they were ambushed’


JENKINS: "It is horrific, Brian, Ainsley and Steve. Good morning. A chilling story that you will hear a lot about today. As you mentioned, the AP reporting nine American citizens, among them children as young as 6 months old, have been killed south of the border. Survivors say they were members of a Mormon family living in Mexico with dual U.S. citizenship. They were reportedly driving when they were ambushed by what's believed to be a cartel. Some of their bodies were found in this SUV set on fire and riddled with bullet holes. One family relative saying that he saw the attack and that dozens of heavily armed men were standing around the burning SUV. One claiming that there were others kidnapped, but another relative told a reporter that they are all accounted for so it's a very fluid situation.”

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