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Fox News: Man Accused of Trying to Break Into Delta Cockpit

‘A flight attendant and some passengers tackled the man as he tried to storm the cockpit’
By Grabien Staff


COLEMAN: “Definitely a scary situation, the crewmembers are credited for stopping a man from trying to overtake the plane yesterday, they were on a delta flight heading to Nashville, terrified moment was captured on cell phone, a flight attendant and passengers tackled the man as he tried to storm the cockpit. Witnesses say he was in a fit of rage screaming stop this plane repeatedly, they are still able to hold the man down by putting his arms behind his back and supplied him. The flight attendant, he deserves every bit of recognition for acting quickly and helping restring the man following the incident, delta flight 386 was diverted to Albuquerque where they made a safe emergency landing and thanked the group for detaining the unruly passenger.”

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