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Fox News: Man on a Citi Bike Shot Dead at Point-Blank Range in New York City

‘He pulls the gun out and shoots this man on a Citi Bike’
By Grabien Staff


MACCALLUM: “Another stunning crime caught on video. Look at this video. This gunman, he gets on the phone. He pulls the gun out and shoots this man on a Citi Bike, point-blank range, kills him in the middle of the afternoon. This is New York City, happened on Wednesday. The suspect who looks very young, looks like a — this is unbelievable. See, he’s on the phone. It definitely appears as if — and they’re investigating this, obviously, as if somebody tells him that this person is on his way around the corner. It looks like a very specific, very deliberate hit. We’re waiting to find out more on what happened here. There’s no — the suspect is not in custody. You can see the Citi Bike falls to the ground, it’s just an absolutely horrific case as the New York Police Department continues to investigate this awful, awful rise of crime in New York City.”

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