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Fox News: Minneapolis Police Officers Create Shirts To Wear To Trump Rally After Mayor Bans Uniforms

‘Officers want to be there in their uniforms and they are not allowed to’
By Grabien Staff


HEGSETH: "As President Trump gears up for a rally in Minneapolis this Thursday, the police department there announced a new policy banning officers — actually the mayor's office announced it. They ban officers from wearing their uniforms at political events. Some officers now are pushing back selling these 'Cops for Trump' t-shirts. all proceeds going to police union charities. The president of that union, Lt. Bob Kroll joins us now. Thank you very much for joining us this morning. So you are wearing the shirt that these police officers can wear. The idea is the mayor there, liberal mayor hates Trump, has said — they changed the policy 12 hours after the speech was announced. Officers can no longer wear their formal uniforms. You are saying, 'Well, don't wear your uniform then, you can wear this shirt instead?'"
KROLL: "That's right, Pete. In compliance with policy. We don't want any issues. We thought we will turn the place into a sea of red with these shirts we designed. They are available and we can't keep them on the shelves. They have been selling out as fast as they come in."

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