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Fox News: Over 500K People in Oregon Under Evacuation Order Amid Wildfires

‘Much of the state is in severe to extreme drought’
By Grabien Staff


HOWARD: “You bet, Eric. Thank you. We had an historic extreme wind event on September 7th that brought sustained east winds, 20 to 25 miles per hour, some gusts were up to 50 plus. Much of the state is in severe to extreme drought. And the moisture content in our live and dead fuels are critically low which makes the fuels highly receptive to ignition. So that combination of critical weather conditions, the highly receptive fuel load, along with some extreme terrain influences contribute to extreme fire behavior. That makes it fighting fire incredibly resistant to control. The First Responders were completely inundated with the sheer amount and magnitude of the fire along with the complicated conditions that come with fighting fire, the wild and urban interface. I’m here on the 242 fire in south central or Oregon. The fire we’re managing is 14 you thousand14,640 of acres. We’ve got a little over 315 firefighters assigned. We’re near the community of choke in Oregon. This fire is on the smaller side from what is going on on the west side of the cascades. But we’ve had thousands of citizens on evacuation orders for a few days. At our peak we evacuated 315 homes.”

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