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Fox News Reporter Asks Bernie Sanders if He’s Going to Cancel All Credit Card Debt

‘You want to buy something, you pay for it’
By Grabien Staff


STEINHAUSER: "Let's say you win the nomination, there's a very good chance of that, and you're running now in general election against President Trump and the Republicans and they're going to say, ‘What, Bernie Sanders wants to wipe out college loan debt, he wants to wipe out a medical debt, what’s next?' Are you going to wipe out credit card debt? I mean, how do you push back against that?”
SANDERS: “No, I think there’s a difference. We’re not here to talk about — I don’t believe we wipe out credit card debt. You know? You want to buy something, you pay for it. But I do believe we have to make a distinction, Paul. If somebody comes down as diagnosed with a serious heart illness, and it happens to people every day, somebody in your family, your mother, your dad, Is diagnosed and having to be treated with Alzheimer’s, that’s an expensive proposition. You go into debt. I think that’s a very different thing than saying, you know, somebody wants to buy a fancy house or a fancy car. But I think as a nation — you raise a good question, Paul — I think we have to get our priorities right.” 

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