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Fox News Reports on New Hunter Biden Emails: Two Sources Confirm Authenticity of Emails

‘It discusses payment for six people including a reference to 10% of the equity in a deal be held by the big guy’
By Grabien Staff


BAIER: "Mike, one clarification. You said that the May 2017 emails, that two sources have verified them to Fox News. So are we saying that they saw them contemporaneously at the time, that kind of verification?"

EMANUEL: "Yeah, one of the sources was actually on the email chain. There are a variety of people on the email and so we reached out to one of the people and that person responded back and said yeah, this is a valid email, I was involved in the communication, I can verify that that was the communication at the time. We went back and asked some more questions and that was kind of the limit of what the source was willing to say, but that source and another source who came forward with the email —"

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