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Fox News Reports on ‘Out Of Control’ Border Crisis That Is Six Times Higher Than Last Year

‘The seasonal patterns, that’s out the window now’
By Grabien Staff


MACCALLUM: "So breaking just as we came on the air. Nearly 190,000 migrants attempted to enter the United States illegally last month, in the month of June for 2021. The total number for this period is 1 million encounters since October of last year. So that’s a million. Right? Since October. It was 309,000 in that same period a year ago. Look at this. Have you seen this video? He jumps in the creek to get away. There’s the Border Patrol agent behind him also in the creek chasing him. This is the kind of stuff that we see going on on the border. This shows you the reality on the ground of what our border officials are facing.”

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