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Fox News: Republicans Prepare for Impeachment Trial in the Senate

‘Kennedy: We have not made a decision about witnesses’
By Grabien Staff


KENNEDY: “Speaker pelosi, swollen with false virtue, and having normalized impeachment as a routine political weapon, says she’s going to send us the articles, next week. We will do it differently than she did it in the house. We will be fair. We have not made a decision about witnesses. We will address that. My advice to my colleagues, both democrats and republicans, for what it’s worth, is to forget about the opposition, your opponents, however you define your opponents, play against par , and par is fairness. We’re going to treat both sides the same. We’re going to give both sides equal amount of time to present their cases, we’re going to give senators plenty of time, democrats and republicans to ask questions, and then we’re going to step back and make a decision about witnesses and additional testimonies. Here is what I want. When we finish in the Senate, I don’t want the american people to say well, we just got run over by the same truck twice. It was unfair in the house and it was unfair in the Senate. Whether they like the result in the Senate or not, I wanted to be able to say at least the senators were fair. They believe in Due Process.’ 

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