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Fox News: Trump Administration Shelling Out Billions to Farmers Hit by China Trade War

‘No question farmers have been hurting this year, especially the farmers in the Midwest’
By Grabien Staff


MOORE: “This is a Blockbuster economy, we have so much to be thankful for right now, lowest unemployment rate in 50 years, lowest inflation, 7 million surplus Jobs so it is a really good economy for american workers with rising incomes. I just got to get that out because it’s a great time to celebrate. Now, you ask the question about the farmers, no question farmers have been hurting this year, especially farmers in the Midwest and you’re also right that this trade war with China has really put a dent in some of the international sails of our farmers. The most important thing is to pass the U.S. I think had it I had in Mexico trade agreement but also getting the trade deal done with China is hugely important for America’s farmers and ranchers and technology companies as well.”

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