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Fox Video of Democratic State Senator Tim Carpenter Getting Beat Up for Taking Video

By Grabien Staff

HENRY: “Senator may have a concussion. Matt Finn is live in Chicago this morning with more detail on all of this. Matt, good morning.”

FINN: “Ed, Tuesday was a day of fury and disturbing violence at the Wisconsin state capitol. Protesters threw a Molotov cocktail, they ripped down statues and that Democratic state senator says he was brutally beaten just for taking pictures of the protest on his cell phone.”

[clip starts]

FINN (voice-over): “Democratic State Senator Tim Carpenter says he was taking this video of protesters on his cell phone when the video appears to show people rush up to him and tell him to stop recording. It sound like as if the state senator tells the people to leave his phone alone before the video cuts off and apparently before he was beaten.”

CARPENTER: “Hey, leave my phone. Leave my phone alone.”

FINN: “The state senator wrote in a tweet, quote, ‘This is a picture that got me assaulted and beat up by a mob. Punched & kicked in the head. Might have a concussion, left eye a little blurry, cheek shollen, sore neck and ribs. This has to stop before some innocent person gets killed. I locked up in the Capitol until it’s safe.’ The ‘Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’ reports the governor put the National Guard on alert because of the violence at the state capitol. Apparently protesters were demanding a black man that was arrested yesterday be released. That black man was arrested after he followed a white man into a restaurant with a baseball bat and a megaphone and screamed in a white man’s face that he is a racist. The police showed up and Madison police report that the man arrested was able to push past officers and escape from the squad car before being tackled as he attempted to escape. Here is a portion of —“

UNKNOWN MALE: “You’re racist. Why are you racist?”

FINN: “That man with the megaphone was arrested, protesters chanted for his release and violence erupted. Protesters ripped down statues of Wisconsin’s motto ‘Forward’ and of Col. Hans Christian Heg. The violence and attack on the state senator prompted the governor to respond writing in part, quote, ‘The people who committed these acts of violence will be held accountable. My thoughts are with Senator Carpenter who was among the individuals attacked last night and I wish him a quick recovery.’”

[clip ends]

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