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Fox’s Doocy to KJP: How Come Unvaccinated Migrants Are Allowed to Come to U.S. but World-Class Tennis Players Are Not?

Jean-Pierre: ‘This is a CDC requirement for foreign nationals’
By Grabien Staff


JEAN-PIERRE: “And as it relates to the tennis star, that is totally different. That is a different process. That is the U.S. Open that he is part of, and there are CDC federal guidance that he isn’t — he needs to follow.”

DOOCY: “But why is there a CDC requirement for people to fly here as opposed to people that cross the southern border?”

JEAN-PIERRE: “Look, we have talked about Title — we have talked about Title 42, right —“

DOOCY: “This has nothing to do with Title 42.”

JEAN-PIERRE: “It is. Title 42 is the CDC imperative. That is —“

DOOCY: “And you guys got rid of it because you said the pandemic is not a big deal anymore.”

JEAN-PIERRE: “That’s not — that is not how it works. It is not — every — Title 42 is very much in place, and that is the process. So there is a CDC — there is a CDC provision for folks coming through — coming through the southern border. It is not just — it is not just for tennis players. Migrants have also a CDC guidance that we have to follow, which is Title 42. So that is not the case. That is factually wrong.”

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