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Frank Figliuzzi: ‘Tucker Carlson Is Neither a Journalist nor a Reporter, but He Has Played One on TV’

‘And now Putin has chosen him’
By Grabien Staff


FIGLIUZZI: “I think we need to put this interview in proper context, Alicia, even before we get to see it. We know some things. We know that Vladimir Putin has not had an interview, granted an interview with legitimate Western journalists for almost four years now. Tucker Carlson is neither a journalist nor a reporter, but he has played one on TV. And now Putin has chosen him. So, we know that Putin was a former KGB officer. He — that means he does things when he knows the outcome. He does things with a purpose and a strategy. Therefore, we can conclude that he knows what the outcome will be here. He knows that he can play Tucker Carlson, who has already praised him effusively, both when he was on Fox and now on his X channel and videos. And it will be edited by both Carlson and by Putin.”

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