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Frenetic Keith Olbermann Calls on Biden To Fire Merrick Garland or Quit in Epic Balcony Rant: ‘G*ddamnit, Joe!’

‘If you don’t see it that way, resign’
By Grabien Staff


OLBERMANN: “Where is the president who is not sleepwalking and hiding behind naïve, antiquated clichés about bipartisanship when the other side is trying to kill all of us? Where is the president who knows that the bully understands only fear? Yours and his. And that the only way to stop the bully, to stop the Republicans, to stop the Trumps, to stop the next coup d’etat is to make them fear that they will lose everything they have. Because they have made it clear, America is going to be them, or us. And, goddamnit, Joe! It is your job to make sure it is us. And if you don’t see it that way, resign. We need somebody in your chair who realizes that democracy could be dead a year from right now. We want that to be you. But if it isn’t, the rest of us don’t have any more time to wait, or to waste."

(Via Mediaite)

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