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Furious Baseball Player Replaces Umpire with Garbage Can in On-Field Meltdown

A minor-league baseball player had a major-league meltdown on Monday night during a confrontation with an umpire
By Grabien Staff

ANNOUNCER: "Sam still has, some of their velocities had the entire game with him here in the— Cole will try to steal the, pitch is blowing away, slide at third and safe as Colo. They call third strike on Brennan Metzger. He better be careful, he did not agree with that location. And he's letting Mike Jarboe get an earful. And now he's been thrown out. And now he's been thrown out. 

[players and umpire arguing]

And Brennan Metzger is certainly giving Mike Jarboe an earful here behind home. He really thought he saw that ball away. Michael Schlact doing everything he can to keep Brennan Metzger,a nd Brennan Metzger is hot, that's a passionate ball player there Brennan Metzger. And obviously, said a magic word or two to get his tossed out of the game, so Metzger has been ejected here. And now Metzger is not done yet. He's going to do something here with the garbage can and he put the garbage can behind home plate and the crowd is saying 'We hear you Brennan' [laughs] That's in a classic. It's baseball. If you can't have a little fun on this, well obviously, Metzger is hot. But he has placed a garbage bucket behind home plate in a unique way to tell the umpire what he thought of the pitch/. Michael Schlact is still arguing his case. What you may have missed, though is Tim Colwell, still 3red, and now they're going to take the garbage can away. The staffers are going to have to put that back at the dug out. For a minute there, I thought Metzger was going to dump something all over the plate. Michael Schlact hasn't been ejected."



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