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Gaetz: No Coincidence the Strzok-Page Texts Come Back Online the Same Day as the Mueller Probe

‘It is my position that the Mueller probe is — that it should end immediately’
By Grabien Staff

GAETZ: "Tucker, I can’t get into the specifics precisely, I can only say that I don’t think it is an accident that strzok and Paige, who were volleying texts back more than a high school volleyball squad, suddenly had that more than — a conspiracy to undermine the president ending in the appointment of Robert Mueller conspicuously the very day that the strzok and page text messages come back online. No coincidence. The second thing you got to evaluate is the manner in which evidence presented to the court was corroborated. The problem with lies is they’ve got to keep telling them. You can just tell one live. You have to use other lies to cooperate. It is my position that the Mueller probe is — that it should end immediately so we can focus on the real challenge of reforming the FBI and the department of justice about this never happens again under a Republican or democratic administration."

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