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Gen. Mark Milley: The Military Is Not ‘Woke,’ I Don’t Even Know What that Word Means

‘The military I see is a military that’s exceptionally strong’
By Grabien Staff


MILLEY: "No, not at all. So — you know, I'm not even sure what that word truly means. But I would tell you that the military I see is a military that is exceptionally strong, it's powerful, it's ready. In fact, our readiness rate is — the way we measure readiness is better now than they've been in years. And what I see on a day-to-day basis — right now, for example, Fareed, in the last 24 hours we've had about 5,000 sorties of U.S. aircraft that are keeping the skies safe. You've had somewhere between 60 and 100 U.S. naval vessels patrolling the seven seas. You've got a quarter of a million U.S. troops — ground troops, like the Army or Marine Corps, on Freedom's Frontier sort of thing, around the world maintaining peace and stability. This is a military that's dedicated to maintaining our readiness, our capabilities, our lethality. And the thing that we also need to focus on is the modernization for the future character of war that I see fundamentally changing. But this — military is a lot of things, but woke it is not. So, I take exception to that. I think that people say those things for reasons that are their own reasons. But it's not true. It's not accurate. And it is not to say, by the way, that there is — there is not some things out there that are — could be fit into that category. But I don't think it certainly is — it is not a broad-brush description of the U.S. military as it exists today."

(Via RealClearPolitics)

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