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George Foreman: I Will Never Turn My Back on America, I Love America

‘When you love a country, nothing can bother you’
By Grabien Staff


FOREMAN: "I will never turn my back on America. Because I grew up where people in this country, a guy by the name of Doc Broadus, who taught me how to box, never gave up on me. A lady in Grants Pass, Oregon, her name was Ms. Moon, she just loved me, gave me an extra bit of food on my plate, told me to be careful with my temper, I could do great things. And these people haunt me every night, and what do I say about them? They were Americans. They passed on now, but I loved them. That’s America to me. Lyndon Johnson. Wow, Lyndon Johnson, the best friend I ever had. Jim Brown, the great football player. I would say Muhammed Ali, but he put that shuffle on me."

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